When Should I Paint My House?


House In Need Of PaintingThis is probably the least asked question and is definitely the most important question any homeowner should be asking. If you are like most homeowners you likely don't think about it or you think it is a silly question. The answer for most is “You paint your home when it looks like it needs paint". Nothing could be further from the truth. Don’t feel bad, the majority of people feel the same way. Let’s back up a little and look at what paint is designed to do in the first place.

Paint and paint coatings are supposed to protect the surface which they are applied on by sacrificing itself thereby protecting the substrate from deterioration from the elements. Well, you may say that sounds good but what does it mean? It means that the paint coating takes the beating from the sun, rain, wind, dust storms, hale, snow, (forget the snow in the desert), and anything else which would be harmful to your home. It’s kind of like sunscreen; it protects the skin from the sun which left unprotected results in sunburn and aging and in the extreme cases when left unprotected for long periods of time, skin cancer.

You may say o.k. I get your point but why all the fuss over a paint job? Before I answer that question, do you realize that if a building is  properly maintained and painted on schedule (wood, stucco, cement, plaster, etc.) it will look the same as the day it was installed for thousands of years? Now I can't promise that sunscreen will do the same but I think you get the point. Who wouldn't want their home to look the same as the day it was built 30 or forty years later?

This is the first advantage of properly maintaining your home with a paint coating. Some of you may be thinking “Well, that's all well and good but who cares if the house doesn't look as good as the day it was built? I will let it go for a couple more years and will save the money I would have spent on maintaining it properly." You have probably heard that old saying," When it comes to painting, preparation is the most

important part of the job." Well, that and the right coating for the job of course. What this really means is if a house is deteriorated beyond what is acceptable conditions it will cost more money to prepare the substrate before finish painting can occur. The longer the painting job is prolonged the more it will cost to prepare the surfaces and finish paint. Beware of painter who will not discuss the condition of your home

and is willing to give you a cheap job with little or no preparation. This could end up costing you, the homeowner, not only the cost of the job, but also a much higher cost to re-paint the home at a later date.

The moral of the story is; In the long run, it is much more cost efficient and effective to maintain your home with a properly planned painting schedule.